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I am the Head Directress of three phenomenal Montessori Campuses here in Calgary and my goal is not only to promote and market our campuses but to promote the wonderfully intriguing Montessori philosophy.

It is important to us to educate people that convenience is not necessarily why a facility should be chosen, Montessori programs can vary greatly especially in standards, materials and overall knowledge of the philosophy.
We want the parents to have the opportunity to explore and discover what they feel would be the “best” for their child.

Visit us!

Campus I
108, 2411 – 4th Street N.W.
(Hill Park Office Building – south side)
Campus II
106, 20 – Sunpark Plaza S.E.
(20 – Sunpark Office Building – come around back)
Campus III
46, 4307 – 130th Avenue S.E.
(South Trail Crossing, west of the co-op grocery store)

These opportunities to visit our campuses are not necessarily to seek new enrollment as spaces are very limited or some campuses have waiting lists, but rather to begin to educate the parents of young children in Calgary to see the great differences in the Montessori that is being offered in Calgary.
Unfortunately Montessori is not patented so it is in the public domain, it is a buyer beware and it certainly depends on what the owner is prepared to offer and how close they are willing to stay to an authentic Montessori program.
We look forward to meeting you, feel free to invite friends.

Mrs. Debaar

MCHA since 1998

Montessori Children's House Academy was established in October 1998 as an organization with the goal of meeting the growing needs for an authentic Montessori Casa for preschool level in Calgary. Now with three campuses in the North and South East.

Originally consisted of 2 seperate classrooms (Harmony and Melody) with a full line of Montessori material; and as of September 2008 we added our extended day program (Legato Room) for parents to take advantage of a Montessori environment from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The student body is comprised of students ranging in age from 2.5 to 6 years old. We have enhanced the program by introducing Music, French and Spanish.