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Selecting a Qualified Montessori School

A Parental Guide

Look at the school from your child’s perspective – does the philosophy suit his or her personality?
What are the facilities of the school like – is the equipment new, in good condition and is there a complete line of Montessori materials?
What is the teacher – student ratio? In other words, will your child get the attention he/she wants?
Is it a authentic Montessori school? (Does it truely follow the Montessori philosophy).
Are the children well organised, engaged and happy in their work when you visit?
Can your child spend a trial day at the school? Visit the school, observe the classroom in action, and later ask the directress or head directress to explain the theory behind the activities you saw.
Talk to your child’s prospective directress about his or her philosophy of child development and education to see if it is compatible with
your own.
What is the reporting system like – can you see samples of the sorts of reports you will receive?
Where do children move on to when they leave the school and at what age do they leave ?
Then start thinking about location, travelling times to and from schools and what the fees are like.