Testimonials of MCHA

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"As an early childhood educator myself, I understand the importance of learning intheir formative years. I researched and worried about where we would send our son for his first years of education.

MCHA, not only lives up to our expectations as top quality learning environment, but I know that the staff love my son as much as he loves them and that really makes it such a special place."

"...Montessori Children's House Academy is well run, with highly qualified teachers, and is well equipped with Montessori materials. In my opinion this is the best "true" Montessori Preschool in the city."

"Our experience there is rewarding and my daughter loves to go. The Directresses demonstrate a deep understanding and appreciation for the children entrusted to them. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the happiness and well being of every child.

Their dedication to the Montessori philosophy and the education of young learners is very refreshing. The Directresses are constantly taking steps to enhance themselves through courses and workshops. They strive to provide the best possible atmosphere for the education of children."

"Shelley provides an excellent learning environment that nurtures and enriches the lives of the children, while fostering a great desire to learn. ...the quality of the directresses' is so very valuable. They have a great amount of patience with our children. Any problems that arise are dealt with immediately."

"The Montessori method teaches the child how to deal with
their problems as they arise. The morals and values that they gain from this are invaluable."

"There was not a day that my child did not want to go to school. He
learned activities in each area at his own rate and enjoyed them with the teachers and with other children. He spoke enthusiastically at home of music, stories, puzzles, beads, water, insects, maps and other learning activities. He always spoke with utmost respect for his teachers and other children at school."

"Montessori Children's House Academy (MCHA) is one of the most amazing places for children that I have seen. My daughter has been attending since September. Since she has been attending MCHA, her knowledge and interest have expanded tremendously. She has come home with knowledge and information that I did not know a 3 1/2 year old could grasp"

"Children are taught respect and in return they are treated with respect. ...the care and consideration of my daughter were above and beyond what I expected."

"MCHA is a safe, clean and stimulating environment and we could not ask for more for my child."

"The teaching staff is wonderful. They always go the extra mile for the children and the parents. They are approachable and always handle matters efficiently and promptly, no matter how small. we, as parents, feel that we have given our daughter an excellent
opportunity for her future by having her attend MCHA along with the very qualified staff."