Reggio Campus 1 Nov 3th-7th 2014 - Montessori Children's House Academy

Reggio Campus 1 Nov 3th-7th 2014

Monday 24th November Morning Reggio Program
October 29, 2018
Reggio Campus 2 Oct 29
October 29, 2018
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The students were working on a sorting activity where they had to work together to sort the blue beads, white beads, rocks, and shells into separate baskets. The children used all their sensory skills including touch when feeling the beads and  visual to look at where the objects were going.  This activity covered a range of skills and was a good activity for promoting concentration.
The children were given a range of materials to work with and were guided to make their own structures using feathers, buttons, paper, straws, foam shapes and glue etc. They were provided with large pieces of paper to stick their materials on and use their own imagination to create their own structures. Some children made cars, houses and rockets.

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